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Curtains and drapes
Quality curtains and drapes at half the price. Solid color, pattern and printed, blackout and room darkening, velvet, linen, cotton, faux silk, sheer, designer curtains.
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Semi Flush
Semi Flush Trout bass are the catch of the day on inverted pendant. Original fixture is suspended from fishhook
Foyer Lantern
Foyer Lantern Antique copper with mica shade set. The windsor is platform in which to showcase s hand made,
* Trees Pendant Click here for Pendants
Trees Pendant
Trees Pendant Handsome depicts moose in the tall pine forest. The center section is illuminated by mountain
* Harold H Limited Edition Floor Clock Clock
Harold H Limited Edition Floor Clock
Harold H Limited Edition Floor Clock Limited edition floor with engraved numbered plate located on the backside of the upper door
* Focal Point Gallery Clock Howard Miller Clocks
Focal Point Gallery Clock
Focal Point Gallery Clock Wall has visible movement from polished brass acrylic dial has second hand track, hands, polished
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